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Originally Posted by wierdaaron View Post
BVic is right, there being three aldermen in the area changes the dynamic. They're all south and southwest side guys who are elected by those neighborhoods and deal with their kind of issues and haven't built a career upon inserting themselves to multi-hundred million dollar construction projects. When I listed to Dowell at these meetings it does not sound like she gives a single shit about the emotional plights of rich prairie-landers the way Reilly has to pretend to for River Northers and the SOAR crowd.

Without that big ego factor from Reilly or Fioretti, maybe these kinds of projects will be able to squeak through without all of the bullshit. Or maybe things will get screwed up because they haven't dealt with things of this scale before.

I'll defend SOAR for the most part on this one. They're not the same neighborhood group they were 10 years ago. They're fairly progressive development wise and advocate for the tall and thin.

Remember, they were very pro-Spire. They also have no problem with the height of the Stern proposal. They supported the Waldorf Astoria proposal that would have been 1,200' where the Lowe's currently is.

He definitely kisses the asses of River Northers though...
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