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We had a little forum meet last night - just us and cool millions from Halifax. It was a blast, though.

ICE FOG! My first time experiencing it. Lots of freezing rain and drizzle on my resume but no proper ice fog. It's insane.

We went to Adelaide Oyster House:

And despite the streets being completely fucking deserted, all the restaurants were blocked. We couldn't get a table and had to wait 30 minutes.

But the nice thing was when we got in, we were seated at one of the communal tables. They're for groups of 6 or fewer so they can meet and mingle.

St. John's is classier than I am. I had no idea these were covers for dress shoes. Totally thought they were just the ugliest fucking shoes ever, finished with electric tape.

Or maybe it's just as classy as I am...

In Newfoundland, the man who catches the garter at a wedding has to put it on the woman who caught the bouquet. Apparently there's an equivalent at proms now?

Cutest thing I've ever seen. I want a kid now just to put it in that.

New rooftop balcony under construction.

We tried to take a route with some stairs to get home because it was SO slippery.

It was brutal. We passed so many people who warned us to be careful, said their tailbones were shattered

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