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Originally Posted by StatenIslander237 View Post
AWESOME! Thank you for making a B-ham thread. I sometimes check the thread in the Southeast subsection but it'll be much easier to keep up on activity here. Birmingham has a rather large and impressive core for a city its size (population-wise). I would love to see it become more active and developed, thrive as Alabama's major city and evolve to become another central node of the Piedmont megalopolis.

And it wouldn't hurt to snatch the "state's tallest tower" title back from steps
You're welcome StatenIslander! Yea, compared to many other cities in the country, Birmingham's core is quite large and much of it is still occupied by the city's early 20th Century buildings. I'm glad we're seeing older buildings renovated instead of being neglected for the sake of building flashy buildings. I think it'll be nice to see the skyline in the future, a mixture of the older stone/masonry buildings with the newer glass-clad ones.

I too would like to see the state's tallest building back in Birmingham, but I imagine it might look a bit awkward if it were to be constructed in downtown because of where it would have to be constructed due to flight paths :/ Stupid flight paths...
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