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Originally Posted by NIXPHX77 View Post
yes, i would like to see that. i'm a fan of flora and fauna, but esp. trees.
Sorry for the delay... here are some trees around my yard that I've planted.

The beginning... this is how the backyard was when I bought my house. A mixture of overgrowning bermuda, cinder block sectioning with plants planted in the block holes, bathtubs sunk into the ground being used as a pond, and crappy bushes overrun by bermuda.

I took everything out by hand and installed drip systems and sprinkler systems and put in grass. I put in a block wall and then had Whitfill plant my trees. They were planted just over a year ago in late May, 2008. (sorry all the pictures are crappy it was getting dark)

The back wall area... I have two elm trees (Chinese elm? Arizona elm?) and a row of column ficus beginning to make a sweet hedge/screenwall from the alley and stuff behind. To the right of this picture is my gate and two citrus trees (tangelo and lemon).

The elm trees are probably 15'-20' tall now and have almost doubled their size already. The ficus trees were barely as tall as the wall last year and were much more spread out... it's amazing how fast everything has grown.

I'll prune and shape the elms in the winter:

Ficus hedge approx 8-10' tall:

I planted this ash tree near my house, I can't wait until it grows more and gives me some good shade. It has grown about 2-3' so far this spring/summer and is about 20' tall now.

I have this cool pepper tree (can't remember the exact name) in my front yard, it has to be at least 30 years old.

Here's my pride and joy... The same pepper tree as in the front yard. This grew from a seed on accident next to my citrus trees last year. I transplanted it to the side of the house in the winter and it survived and is kicking ass!

My backyard's flora and fauna:

I have to install some edges around my trees and along the walls (i have about 5' on all sides next to the grass to become planters... and I'm going to put in a paver patio along the house next to the deck I built.
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