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Encontre en internet una nota que me llamo la atencion, sobre el proyecto de tres mares en la marina vallarta,

""Plans for what will finally be built out on the point of Marina Vallarta, the marina entrance and next to the Westin Regina have been released. The development will be called Tres Mares and will have four 25-floor towers with six condominiums per floor. There will also be a few oceanfront homes available. The official announcement should come sometime in March/April. Also in Marina Vallarta, Lemmus Real Estate has opened a new showroom at the Royal Pacific Condominiums to showcase their many projects, such as Peninsula, Villa Magna and Vallarta Gardens. Along with viewing real estate, you can also enjoy a music lounge and sushi – what a combination! Marina Vallarta also has two new gated housing communities: Palmeiras Marina & Golf on the main entrance to the marina, and Marina Yubarta in front of the American School along the Marina Vallarta golf course""

4 Nuevas torres de 25 niveles de departamentos como las de peninsula vallarta, aun no se si seran iguales con un par de nieveles para lobby y servicios(gym, spa, restaurant) seguira vallarta cambiando su skyline
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