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Originally Posted by Drybrain View Post
I'm not sure anyone really knows yet. The problem for me is that the province apparently did solicit city staff's opinion on this, and when staff told them this was a terrible location (even when considering rural and suburban access, there are far better locations) they were ignored.
Rural access anyway won't be solved by moving the hospital around the city. Whether you drive 3 hours or 3 hours and 10 minutes doesn't matter much, and there is no single point in NS that is accessible to everyone.

And as far as the suburbs go, if you put it in a suburb, it will be accessible to that one but not to the others. Most of the suburbs are on the periphery of the metropolitan area.

And now no one seems to be able to say exactly the scope of this, and to what degree, if any, this will replace city centre services. The provincial government is completely playing politics with this, and I have no doubt they'll do whatever they believe is in their best electorally, rather than what's best for citizens. After Mike Savage expressed doubts yesterday about the location, McNeil rejoinded today with: "He's the mayor of Halifax; I'm the premier of Nova Scotia."
Nothing new under the sun I guess. For as long as I can remember there's been an "us vs. them" attitude and jealousy in rural NS when it comes to the city. It is much worse there than any other province I have lived in. In BC, there is more investment in the largest city and there is less jealousy.

It is all rather stupid because the economic trends that favour the city and make it hard for rural areas to grow go far beyond NS, and are not something the NS provincial government can change much by moving investment around within the province.
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