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Originally Posted by Doug View Post
The AB government is also working on removing the remaining at grade intersection east from Calgary to the SK border. An overpass is u/c near Strathmore and a bypass is being planned around Medicine Hat.
No, they are not planning to remove all the at grade intersections. Such would be a huge, unneccessary undertaking. They are planning to remove all the at grade intersections with lights.

Current places between Calgary and Regina that have lights or a lower posted speed limit:

Strathmore: 3 lights - 60km/h
Redcliffe - 2 or three lights - 80 km/h
Medicine Hat - about 5 or 6 lights - 50km/h section and a 80km/h section.
Dunmore - no lights - 90? km/h
Irvine - 90 km/h (although this one may have been removed recently).
Ernfold - (Westbound only) - 90 km/h
Moose Jaw & Swift Current - one or two intersections that require you to slow down to 80 km/h I think (no lights)
Regina East End - built a whole bunch of development and lights outside of the ring road, so there is a section of a number of lights and 60 km/h.
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