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Originally Posted by stepper77 View Post
Thanks for the comments. I really was impressed with Houston. I was there from Thursday to Saturday (June 18-21). My downtown shots were mostly from Thursday afternoon/evening and Friday day/evening. The night shots were Friday. I think I was lucky as both days there were thunderstorms & heavy rain in the early evening but it lasted no longer than an hour or two.

I took the light rail down to the Texas Medical Center and back downtown, it was one block from my hotel. I was pleased at how frequent the trains came and they were relatively full.
Wow you did an amazing job!! I wish I could do downtown justice like that

Yeah, the afternoon thunderstorms are our typical summer weather pattern. It's really nice though b/c it cools things off, and the early evening tends to be great for going outside... I've been seeing a lot more people meandering in downtown during the evenings, whether it be to stroll around Disco G, or just enjoy the cooler weather.
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