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Originally Posted by kalifese View Post
i'd only be worried if they hired a local architect to design it.
I am concerning the quality design of Taipei Dome that I see Farglory changing design to low-quality design. They have hired foreign architects for design since this project was started. It has a lot of controvercy since then.

Back to project itself, Fargorly release information that 1-18F will be office and 19-62F will be residential usage. There will be 4-6 residential units for one storey, the price will be 400,000 to 500,000 NT per Pyeong and size willl 130 to 165 Pyeong. Considering cost needed for 62 fl tower in Taiwan (typhoon and earthquake), someone suggest it will only make little money at this price. Farglory may not put a lot of effort for building design (at least they would not chose design that is too complex to build). It can be concern for you, Kalifese. It might be indication that they will not hire foreign architect. Or Farglory will make quality design and push saling price high for better value.

Here is original design

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