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Taipei | Fubon Xinyi Headquarters | 265.55m | 52fl | U/C

Location (Google Map)

Development Information

Some Development Regulations (Department of Urban Planning Taipei)
1. The development has to have at least 4m wide pedestrain path around the site.
2. A banding open space is required at southern side of the site.

Tendering set up by Department of Finance
1. Residential development is not allowed in this development. All interested groups must follow relevant urban regulations for their development plan.
2. The development has to include 31 parking spaces for large vehicles.
3. The BOT tendering will have three stages to select its final tender.
- Qualification
- Development Plan Assessment
- Price Comparison
Qualification, interested group only need to pay bid bond to attain this tender.
Development Plan Assessment will set up a broad with both national and international architects to judge submitted development plan.
Price Comparison stage is for department to make comparison of royalty submitted by tenderers.
4. The tenderer will have 50 years operation time. After 50 years, tenderer can request extra 20 years if they want to continue.
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