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Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural & Popular Music Center International Competition

Announcement of Shortlist Tenderers of Stage One


Date: 2010/9/30(Thursday)16:45~17:25
Place: The Splendor Kaohsiung (42F Meeting Center)

A. Comments

■ All the works are outstanding. The completed architecture promises to be the best-known landmark in Kaohsiung, and to promote the local tourism industry.

■ Jurors come from different cultural and national backgrounds. In the panel are architecture designers and musical professions. Understandably, this panel of multinational and diverse jury has selected five designs from different countries and cultures. This is an international competition under the discerning eyes of international jury.

■ World-class architecture teams endorse this international competition. We all agree that the five selected works represent the best solutions developed by different generations to tackle the cultural and ecosystem issues of various stages. They can create excellent cultural and eco environments for Kaohsiung.

■ It is a demonstration of genuine support from Kaohsiung City Government who decided to afford such an international competition, despite the current economic woes. We are pleased to review a large variety of works from all over the world.

■ The five selected works win the competition by marrying the architecture techniques and urban aesthetics of Kaohsiung. They are chosen by the musical talents of Kaohsiung and other parts of Taiwan because they promise to be great landmarks accessible to all the professional musicians.

■ The musical professionals in Kaohsiung have been waiting for such a venue for 30 years. It is hoped that this musical hall can allow them to take roots in Kaohsiung without going to Taipei.

■ Kaohsiung City Government offers great incentives and ambitious goals to encourage world-class architects to design their best works. Local residents in Kaoshiung are lucky that any of the five selected works will be meet their expectations in terms of vitality, environmental friendliness, technological and musical functions. The remarkable building will be born in Kaoshiung.

■ It is a daunting task to select the winners out of so many great works. All the selected works have their own merits and characteristics. We hope these young and seasoned teams from all over the world can perform even better in the second stage of the competition.
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