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Originally Posted by wannabeplanner View Post
I was reading this months Airliner Magazine and there was a little blurb and a photo about Taoyuan Airport. This photo looks like they are doing some major digging in the parking lot outside of T2. The Caption says they are working on the foundation of Terminal 3 expected to be completed around 2020.. That doesn't sound right to me... Can somebody confirm? I am thinking maybe they are working on the airport MRT line?
Does that picture just like this one ?

That should be MRT line, the MRT will go through underground of T1 and T2 which will be A12, A13. The A14 will be located on west of T3.

Rendering of A12


A14a (It's not the rendering for A14, it's another station which will be next to transit hotel. So there is no rendering for A14 so far.)

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