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Originally Posted by wannabeplanner View Post
That's fantastic news! How long are they closing T1 for? Are all traffic redirected to T2? Is there enough capacity? What about SongShan airport? Any plans to renovate that thing? That airport is looks like its in need of a major reno as well!
Actually, I get this info from this news!

一航站將關閉改建 航空公司恐慌
更新日期:2009/02/04 04:09



From this news,this redevelopment will contract out this June. The transport minister is asking whole project must be finished within 2 years. To do this, closing terminal 1 is the best way. However, there are a lot of issues need to consider, for example does terminal 2 have enough capacity?

Acutally, this update is still going, but they just waste too much time.....
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