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Darn right it's a handsome building! It's often accused of being a knockoff of its neighbor across the street, 270 Park Avenue. But it's got its own charms, and I think it's a great looking building. Aside from security bitching at me for picture taking, I had a great experience with one of this building's tenants- Sheva Thai Spa on the Lexington Avenue side. After a few days of walking around NYC I was sore as hell in several places, so I booked a massage and got some serious deep tissue work done. (OMG If anyone is in NYC, I highly recommend this place!) So I've been inside this building and can attest to how nice its air conditioning feels on bare skin- very pleasant!

Here's some pictures of the building's back end, taken from Lexington- are those open spaces where windows should be its fire tower, by any chance? You can also see some of the mechanical equipment, which looks pretty cool!

Now for something different- the nitty-gritty details of the roof! If anyone knows what those two tall and skinny structures to the right are, please enlighten me!

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