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Originally Posted by StoOgE View Post
Oh, I would make a strong argument that it would be the 5th tallest in Texas.

I love Renaissance Tower, but the roof height there is substantially under the official height.
The height that we've always had/seen for the Renaissance Tower was 886 feet. Early on, I took that number for granted, but it wasn't long before I realized it's likely not right. Before 1987, it simply had a flat box roof with a mechanical penthouse up there. Back then the stated height was 710 feet. I even did a Lego model of it once to try to get an idea of the scale of the spire, and there's no way that spire is 176 feet tall. I estimated the height to be closer to 810 feet. Then Google Earth came around and I was able to measure it. From the lowest side on the block to the spire, it's 856 feet. Part of that height isn't actually spire. The spire itself sits atop a couple of boxes atop the mechanical penthouse.

I was also measuring the Bank of America Plaza to get an idea of how tall 6 X Guadalupe would be compared to it, and it'll come up one foot above the first setback on the Bank of America Plaza in Dallas.

So, 6 X Guadalupe will be the 6th tallest in Texas, but it'll have the 5th highest roof. The main roof of the Renaissance Tower measures 713 feet. The mechanical penthouse is 734 feet.
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