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Well, I too first didn't understand what has happened there. I was 11, nearly 12 at 9/11 and things like that were just too complicated for me at that time. Later when I grew up, I begun to understand the horror of that day. I don't want to ever forget that day, because I see it as my duty, to honor the people killed there, to remember this tragedy for the rest of my life. I think it should be remembered and taught in schools just as WW2 is, because in my opinion the holocaust and 9/11 are really the same, insane killing of innocent people. It is hard to imagine that somebody could be that insane and that evil, to do such a thing.

However, one thing that I remember the most, are the people, who helped other people that day and who became heroes. These people are, for many years now, my inspiration, on how to live my life. I feel that the current memorial, as it is now planned, is insufficient to remember 9/11 and the heroes of 9/11. That's one of the reasons why I proposed my twin, because I want the new twins to be a tribute to the 9/11 heroes. My inspiration on how this should be done came from the pyramids. For example, in the underground levels of my proposed twin I would make a burial chamber, with graves of unidentified 9/11 victims and in the concrete base I would make a hall of heroes. This hall would be full of statues and paintings about the 9/11 firefighters and civillian heroes as well.

As to me wanting to disprove a plan before I dump it, I see nothing wrong with that. I just want to be sure that it's not possible before I dump it. This isn't meant as disrespect, it's only meant as knowledge gathering.
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