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Originally Posted by Kanto View Post
I never said that looking for tenants is easy. I merely said that if he would find tenants, all of this might be possible. Also I don't see any problem about rerouting a small part of the street. it would be just a very small part, 300 feet would be enough.
Well then, there you go, there is the answer you are looking for. All of this might be possible. So now what are you gonna do about? Should we continue with this who thing that doesn't really mean anything or are you gonna do something constructive about it.

It seems like you are getting a kick out of beating a dead horse, unless you have some masterplan you are currently working on to go along with all of this.

So there is your answer, it is all possible, but the question is is it going to actually ever happen?? Majority of us believe that answer is a "no" which is why this has been a long going beating of a dead horse.