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Truly stunning master plan! Despite the robust ambition, this is exactly the kind of tangible vision that Philly/Pennsylvania leaders can coalesce around to make a reality via policy changes and other economic development tools. The city can much more easily make its case for tax reform with these exact types of plans.

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I believe there is an obvious connection between this proposal and the proposal being pushed by Brandywine for property tax reform. I am ready to write our senators/representatives if they really have research suggesting that we can accelerate job growth in the professional sector to levels unseen in a very long time. I am optimistic.
Very true, and that's an excellent idea.

Aside from anticipated trends due to tax reform, I do think the 20-year timeline will also be able to capitalize on some very unsustainable real estate trends in the other 3 major East Coast hubs of DC, NY and Boston, whereby these cities are on an undoubted path of really pricing out startup firms and even middle-class professionals themselves--much moreso than they are now.

Tie in the very real threat of climate change beginning to effect cities directly on the coast and suddenly Philly also looks like a slightly more inland urban haven.

Of course, the long-term timeline forces us all to think more abstract about things for which there is no firm prediction, but the point is there are multiple trends that will likely converge in the coming years that will only make Philly an ever-attractive economic stalwart.
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