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Originally Posted by volguus zildrohar View Post
Intensely optimistic...for a change. That's a massive program which I hope means a great deal of research was done into the potential for private sector growth to support it. The KOZ designation is obvious and necessary but the most important piece - the human capital - is what needs building right now. The timeline of the proposal is certainly smart if paired with some educational investment (starting at the pre-college level) to ensure its viability. That's an area where everyone invested in the success of this proposal comes in. This is Philadelphia...not quite yet at the point of being able to sustain such a large program on the strength of our reputation alone like other cities. There's time built into this project. I hope that it's smartly used.
I believe there is an obvious connection between this proposal and the proposal being pushed by Brandywine for property tax reform. I am ready to write our senators/representatives if they really have research suggesting that we can accelerate job growth in the professional sector to levels unseen in a very long time. I am optimistic.
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