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Originally Posted by ScreamingViking View Post
That makes sense too.

Did you fly often out of Detroit pre-pandemic? Hamilton's other challenge has been availability of cheaper flights from Buffalo, and I imagine Windsor suffers from that too during a "normal" time.
To the U.S. yes...generally on Delta or Southwest. DTW is a major hub for Delta -- so the options and destinations are endless -- however Delta's relative dominance means DTW isn't a particularly low-cost airport (although Spirit has a large operation there as well). Porter has run YQG-SFB seasonally in the past, but that has been the limit of YQG's service to the U.S. (given the proximity of DTW).

That being said, Europe-bound tends to be significantly cheaper from YQG on AC (via YYZ) vs. nonstop out of DTW, often the fares are about 1/2 before even accounting for the exchange rate -- so there is (in non-covid times) significant traffic from the U.S. to YQG. I have been on one of the late afternoon/early evening AC flights out of YQG and it is (at least seemingly) 50% U.S. that sense the market here is somewhat unique. YHM will always be somewhat handicapped by proximity to BUF -- but the population is growing and some people will choose convenience over cost, especially coming out of 18 months of crossing the border being a non-starter.
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