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Other Completed, planned and under construction projects

The Place Boyer is being built at an estimated cost of $1.30 million of dollars (Financing: PetroCaribe-Public Treasury), and will create 60 jobs, the end of work is scheduled for March 2013.

The work of the Triumphare estimated at $6.49 million (Financing: PetroCaribe-Treasury), the construction site will create 100 jobs. Plans are complete, debris removal is underway, work is scheduled for December 2013.

For the city of Jacmel, Seaside works are estimated at $3.89 million, Hotel 5.5 million, Convention Center 2.5 million, Public Square 1 million, and Rue du Commerce 1.5 million (Funding: PetroCaribe-Treasury ), will create 275 jobs. The plans of the hotel are in progress, finalization of the plans of the new public square, installation of the piles of the seaside, wall of protection of the seaside and backfilling, installation of the new roof of the Convention Center, works of the Masonry Convention Center in progress, the completion of work is scheduled for March 2014.

At Morne Cabri, the cost of the housing component (3,000 homes) is estimated at $62.28 million, the Industrial Park at $12.98 million (Financing: PetroCaribe-Treasury), will create 345 jobs. The end of the works is planned for January 2014.

At the level of the sports infrastructures, there are plans for departmental centers at an estimated cost of$1431189.87 by Centers, and Communal Centers at an estimated cost of $227306.63by Centers (Financing: PetroCaribe-Public Treasury). The Departmental Centers will create 50 jobs per Center and the Communes 35 per Center. Construction is underway in Jacmel, Mirebalais, Les Cayes, Gonaives and Ouanamithe, completion is scheduled for March 2014.

At the Jalousie district , phase 1 (painting) is estimated at $2.60 million (Funding: PetroCaribe-Treasury), will create 1,000 jobs, phase 2 (rehabilitation) is estimated at $36.33 million (Financing: PetroCaribe-Treasury), will create 2,500 jobs. The opening of the bids has / has taken place, launch of the works 1st December, end of the works planned for December 2014.

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