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The cost of construction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , is estimated at million (Financing: PetroCaribe-Treasury), and will create 150 jobs. The building is under construction, difficulties were encountered in the excavations (organic matter and rain), start of backfilling, completion is scheduled for March 2014.

The cost of construction of the Palais des Finances(MEF, AGD, DGI), is estimated at 40 million dollars (Financing: IMF debt relief). Plans are underway, work is scheduled to start in June 2013 and end in December 2014.

The cost of building the Parliament is estimated at -34 million, depending on the option chosen (Funding: Lightening IMF debt), and create 275 jobs. The plans are complete, pending the authorization of the Parliament, the end of the works is scheduled for January 2015.

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