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Originally Posted by spaustin View Post
I kind of think they'll mount some opposition, maybe not a full court battle as they have a pretty full plate, but maybe a URB appeal. I say this because I went on their walking tour earlier this year (lots of interesting facts) and they actually stopped and paid special attention to the building. They referenced it as one that was threatened and could be further imperiled by HRM by Design. I guess the building use to be a hotel and dates back to the mid-19th century. Its not registered, but that won't concern them since its not just about what's on the registry. The building's age, the stop on the walking tour and the neighbouring heritage properties makes me think they'll be mounting some kind of fight.

Agreed about NSP, they own everything else on the block so the ball falls in their court now. Hopefully they won't try and turn it into a parking garage for their proposed new hq on the Electropolis site. That would be a big waste.

Sounds like your saying what your hoping and not what you really think will happen lol.
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