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Originally Posted by bossabreezes View Post
^^Yup, from New York.

Me and my BF both work in Tech and we have some great opportunities in SF. We both really like San Francisco and are ready for a change. I'm ready to deal with the differences (both negative and positive), and am very excited to experience life on the other coast. Truthfully, SF is my first choice in relocation in the country, so I'm happy it seems to be coming to fruition.

I know this isn't the best place for this, but we're thinking either Nob Hill or Duboce Triangle/Lower Haight....which one is better? Thanks!
I just moved to the lower Haight from Russian Hill and I love it (always have loved the neighborhood). Lots of local businesses, and the public transit options make you a short train (or bus) ride away from pretty much anything in the city. Just don’t tell anyone you’re a techie transplant from NYC, the hood isn’t overly gentrified and the locals are very protective of it.
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