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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
Using Emporis standards, Toronto has probably been a top 3 NA city for highrises since the 1970's.
sure, for "highrises", but many people (myself included) aren't as impressed by a sea of thousands of 23 story commie-blocks spread out over hundreds of sq. miles as they are by a bonafide skyline of truly tall buildings.

it's only recently that toronto has been making a lot of noise in the taller height categories, and what a ruckus it has been!

Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
Most Toronto highrises are outside the core, while almost all Chicago highrises are within the core. So it isn't accurate to conclude that (if you standard for best skyline is strictly based on "N of 500 ft+ towers") Toronto will have the #2 skyline.
well, the vast majority of toronto's 500+ footers are in the core, so if the pace continues, toronto is gonna pass chicago on "500+ footers in the core" as well at some point in the not too distant future.

and if you think the 500' threshold is too low, then jump it up to 700'. chicago has 26 700+ footers (all in the core), toronto has 23 700+ footers(all in the core), so again, the gap is getting extremely narrow, and even though chicago is holding strong with its own building boom, toronto is surging.

but yes, chicago still holds a bigger lead in the upper reaches of the height spectrum for now.

chicago and toronto are settling into the tier behind NYC at #2/#3, split those hairs as you will.

the exact ordering isn't nearly as interesting as the fact that toronto is even in the discussion.

Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
But Toronto has a growth boundary and strict limits on SFH. So when the region grows, it leads to highrise, or at least multifamily, growth. Most NA cities have no such restrictions, so the relationship between growth and highrises is weak at best.
my point was that toronto could be having a large skyscraper building boom even without the high population growth, international immigration, chinese money, what have you, just as chicago is currently doing. those things aren't prerequisites.
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