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Originally Posted by halifaxboyns View Post
As a planner in Calgary; I'm part of the volunteer committee that arranges monthly lunch talks out here in Calgary on planning issues. We had some people in a few months back to look at the economics side - how does a project make money and when does zoning create negative impacts to the economics. It was a really interesting discussion, because we had a bunch of local developers take us through a few hypothetical prospectus on various projects and then see how changes (like say reducing height from 20 stories to 15) change the costing. I'm sure if the PlanHRM team wanted to do something like that as part of an evening discussion setting - there are countless developers out there that could do it. I'm sure if some called Joe Metledge (Templeton Properties) he could do something. Would be interesting to hear.
That sounds like a great type of event.

The adversarial relationship between the city/heritage people/developers is at the heart of a lot of Halifax's problems. Really the city should be talking to developers to find out what their requirements are and then that should figure highly into any plans that are made. Sometimes lip service is given to economic feasibility but that is insufficient. Without the economic foundation the plans don't work, regardless of how happy they make people at public consultations.
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