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As a planner in Calgary; I'm part of the volunteer committee that arranges monthly lunch talks out here in Calgary on planning issues. We had some people in a few months back to look at the economics side - how does a project make money and when does zoning create negative impacts to the economics. It was a really interesting discussion, because we had a bunch of local developers take us through a few hypothetical prospectus on various projects and then see how changes (like say reducing height from 20 stories to 15) change the costing. I'm sure if the PlanHRM team wanted to do something like that as part of an evening discussion setting - there are countless developers out there that could do it. I'm sure if some called Joe Metledge (Templeton Properties) he could do something. Would be interesting to hear.

One of the things I like to do when I travel is look at the areas where a city has encouraged change as a means to learn good and bad ways to redevelop and take that knowledge with me. Hopefully some day apply to another place, wherever I end up (I'm hoping Halifax some day).

One way I like to do that is through the photo threads here. I found a really great thrad on the Lincoln Park Neighbourhood in Chicago. I was recently informed that work wasn't going to send me to Los Angeles for the APA conference (we're still being cautious with the fragile economy) so I started saving up for the APA conference next year in Chicago. I may go on my own, even if work doesn't send me. But the Lincoln Park area looks very interesting.

The single detached and row housing look amazing and I think it's photo 50 in the string that is a 5 storey infill, that has a best buy on the ground floor. I could easily see these types of row houses being behind some 12-15 storey developments along Agricola. Oh if only I had about 50 million in my pocket, I'd made it happen.
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