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Originally Posted by geomorph View Post
I'm not sure if this building would be the equivalent of a county courthouse for San Francisco, since the city and county are combined; nearby are state and Federal courthouses, but this one is the Civic Center Courthouse for the County of San Francisco:

Photo taken by geomorph in 2011.
San Francisco (City and County) has 2 courthouses. That one is for civil cases only. Criminal trials are held in the old Hall of Justice (where the largest county jail is--there are several of those too).

But I'm not sure about the plan for this 50 year old building. A new "Public Safety Center" is being constructed in Mission Bay and the SFPD headquarters is moving there from the HOJ. As far as I know the, the criminal courts are not moving but I could be wrong.

Incidentally, if the HOJ looks at all familiar, it's a bit of a movie star. "Dirty Harry" starring Clint Eastwood as inspector Callihan was filmed at the Hall of Justice and so was "Streets of San Francisco," the 1970s TV police series.
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