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Originally Posted by sopas ej View Post
I was thinking of maybe doing a detour to Prescott to stop at Superstition Meadery. But then my partner saw online that they recently opened up a branch in Phoenix. So of course our our way home, we stopped there, hoping to grab a bite and have some mead. But they didn't have any tables available, their reservations all being booked up. But we went to their mead shop and bought 4 bottles of mead.
Thanks for the AZ photo tours. I'm a little sad you didn't do a Phoenix photo tour, but based on the descriptions and info in your posts, I don't think you really spent much time in Phoenix purposefully and maybe don't have any pictures. Hopefully you enjoyed the Heard Museum and sorry you didn't get to eat at the Superstition Meadery. I've been to the Prescott location, but not the new branch in DT Phoenix yet.

I have a lot to say regarding the Phoenix area, it's built environs, and overall history in response to several posts, but it's not worth it nor the point of any of your threads, so i will refrain. I will say there is a lot of indigenous history and sites you could explore in Phoenix and the Salt River Valley. I've personally experienced some very interesting things (being an engineering inspector on the light rail when it was constructed I learned a lot about the Hohokam and other indigenous cultures... I saw actual bodies/burials unexpectedly unearthed from inches away during construction and the associated rituals after the fact. I even now live a within a couple miles of some petroglyphs well within the City limits.)

Anyway, thanks again for your photos of AZ!
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