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Originally Posted by Docere View Post
Probably not L.A., even though it would have been the most Republican/conservative by far back in the days when it was dominated by white Protestant Midwesterners.

Chicago is probably the most Democratic of the three, but it's largely machine Democrat rather than liberal Democrat.

NYC has its "liberal elite" swath of Manhattan and gentrified Brooklyn and the city is stereotypically ultra-liberal (Ted Cruz lashed out against "New York values" in the GOP primary; Newt Gingrich in the 1990s called New York an enclave of out of touch liberal/elitist values). But it probably has bigger swaths of political conservatism than Chicago does.
My first thought was Chicago(land). It's an urban bubble surrounded by rural counties and states for hundreds of miles in each direction.

But then you have LA, which has the IE and OC that are definitely more conservative than Central LA.

NY is so massive that it contains large populations of everything, so maybe NY...
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