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Hello Yankee.

I agree that the best transit system in the country is in Melbourne. It has the most extensive commuter train network and I think the largest, or one of the largest, Tram/Streetcar networks in the world as well. Trams run in the inner city areas and cover just about everywhere you'll ever want to go.

Sydney is the home of business and financial services while Melbourne is the retail and manufacturing hub and home to our largest shipping port

In terms of populations, Australia's two largest cities are very similar. Sydney has around 4.4 million people while Melbourne has just gone past 4 million and has been growing at a much faster rate over the last 5-6 years than it's northern rival. If things continue as they are it's possible that Melbourne could overtake Sydney in about 15-20 years and become the countries largest city once again.

The cost of rental accommodation is probably 10-20% cheaper for comparable properties in Melbourne but these days that gap is unfortunately closing as well.

However, which ever you choose i think you'll love both cities.
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