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Originally Posted by jd3189 View Post
It will be interesting to see how life will change during this first part of the 21st century. Department stores, brick and mortar retails, and shopping malls seemed like a permanent feature of American Life growing up in the 90s-2000s. But now, just as they tried to replace mom and pop businesses, they will eventually be replaced by Amazon and other E-commerce giants. Might as well get ready for the shift.
It's just that so often--almost every time I find myself needing or wanting something lately--I find myself thinking, "Is it worth it to drive to (fill in the store name) and see if they have what I want and, if not, go over to (fill in another store name) and so on until I find it, or should I just locate it online and have it delivered (probably for free) in 1 or 2 days"?

Online shopping has become much the more efficient way to go for things you don't need right this minute and for which shipping and a day or two in transit isn't an issue (as with, say, frozen foods or anything readily perishable).
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