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Originally Posted by dubu View Post
now there just needs to be a elevated bike path. thats not the best area to bike, probably the area with the most bike's though.

a long time ago i was saying why not have a streetcar bridge there (like above) instead of having the streetcar go on 99e. ive got to find the thread, its probably real cringe from my early 20's. it was city-data.
I have always thought it would have made more sense running the streetcar and have all the development happen along 7th. That street would have made a better urban corridor to run a streetcar through without having to deal with the increased traffic on 99E, though I will say, I have liked seeing all the new buildings going up along 99E.

Oh man, I forgot about city-data, I got permanently banned from there for upsetting some really far right wing mods. That site is definitely a dumpster, though I imagine it is much worse these days.
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