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Originally Posted by Dariusb View Post
It goes without saying that Los Angeles is the largest most dominant city/region and Dallas/Fort Worth(7.5 million) is #2 but for how long? Houston(7 million), Miami(6.2 million), Atlanta(6 million) and Phoenix(4.5 million) round out the top 6. Do you think Dallas has a tight grip at #2 or will one of it's Sunbelt brethren snatch it away? Could this happen in 20, 30, 40 years or not at all? I know these things are impossible to pinpoint but it's just hypothetical.
What are we defining as "sunbelt" anything south of Mason Dixon?

I dont know if Id call Miami "sunbelt" although it is quite sunny.

Phoenix is at just about 5 million today and it is growing rapidly but I dont think it will beat Dallas at least not for several decades. I expect Phoenix growth to peter off somewhere between 7 and 8 million.

How much can it grow long term for the rest of the century when it isnt on a boom-town-pace but a stable pace... hard to guess I think that depends on a lot of things
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