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Originally Posted by JManc View Post
Superficially i see a resemblance based on living in Houston and having visited Southern California half dozen or so times. Obviously the geographies and topologies are very different not too mention Houston is roughly a third the size of LA but the freeways, sprawl, multi-nodal, certain neighborhoods, reliance on cars and other factors that lend many to see the similarities.
LA and Houston both specialize in a kind of amorphous urban experience. They don't resemble each other in most respects, but the sunshine (especially in the cooler seasons of the year), sprawl, freeways, and the highly visible distant multi-nodal skylines encountered in Houston tend to remind me of Los Angeles. There is also the sense that one could lose oneself in Houston or reinvent oneself in Houston, which is something I also experience in LA. So, yes, Houston does remind me of LA. On the other hand, I rarely think about Houston when I visit LA.

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