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Originally Posted by LA21st View Post
Houston and LA comparisons will never make sense, unless you're just talking the newer downtown skylines. I don't see anything in Houston that looks like LA neighborhoods, and when people post google maps, it just makes less similar. I don't see this changing in 30-50 years, because Houston (or any Sunbelt city) doesn't have the prewar commerical streets/neighborhoods LA has. Nothing wrong with that, just makes little sense.

Houston resembles Orange County more than LA.
Superficially i see a resemblance based on living in Houston and having visited Southern California half dozen or so times. Obviously the geographies and topologies are very different not too mention Houston is roughly a third the size of LA but the freeways, sprawl, multi-nodal, certain neighborhoods, reliance on cars and other factors that lend many to see the similarities.
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