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HamiltonForward general thread

(mods, I was unsure if this is allowed, but had a need to get the word out, so please feel free to delete if this is not allowed)

Hi everyone,

My name is Lachlan and I'm working to start up a pro-development group in Hamilton.

We're holding our first meeting in about a week, and I'm working to get the word out. If you consider yourself in favour of new urban development, consider joining us and shaping our policy from the ground up!

We're a completely grassroots group and anyone who attends the founding meeting will be able to join our board and develop our group's policy.

There's a new council coming in just a few months and we want to make sure that smart urban and pro-development policy is promoted and implemented like never before in Hamilton.

You can see some of our temporary, general, and unrefined policy here to get an idea about what our group is all about.

As well, you can see the full description of our first event here and RSVP here.

Hope to see you there!

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