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Originally Posted by Chicago Shawn
That is a very good point. Especially considering that the tollways are a self-supporting system which uses no tax payer money to maintain itself.

Lets guess and say there are 2 million registered vehicles in Cook County, then multiply that times 20 gallons of gasoline @ $3.00 per gallon for each week, and multiply that figure by 52 for the yearly total.

Answer for my guestimated Cook County annual gasoline revenues = $6,240,000,000. Now what percentage of the gas price is state taxes?
So the gas tax per gallon should be calculated based on what roads you'll be driving on!

We begin to see the madness of having different government entities operate roadways...

It would be nice if the 6 county area could just secede from the rest of Illinois, they can't stand us and just leach off us anyway, so it would be win-win.
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