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Originally Posted by Chicago Shawn
Typical suburban republicans. Its not 'decades of nickels and dimes' from suburbanites that creates the 14 billion from leasing the toll road, what a total load of bull shit. The 14 billion will come from a PRIVATE firm interested in purchasing the roadway. The 'decades of nickels and dimes' have only paid for road improvements on the tollway system and the construction of the extreamly wastefull tollway authority headquaters in Downer's Grove. I agree a leasing deal should be used to bennifit the Chicago region, but to oppose the use of these new funds to help a broken school system, which the suburbs have helped create is disgustingly selfish. True, no toll road under the management of the tollway authority exists within Chicago's city limits, but hello, most of the roads LEAD INTO THE CITY, and would not exist without the city serving as the the hub of the regional spoke expressway system.

And you know what, many of the regional tollyway miles are in Cook County anyway (I-90, I-94 Edens Spur, I-294, section of I-355 extension), so thier point doesn't really make any sense. Just stirring up the me, me, me attitude among suburban constituants that the big bad city is out to rob them of thier precoius nickels and dimes. Doesn't really suprise me though, this is the typical attitude I expect from DuPage County.
Not to mention when we city folk are unfortunate enough to have to drive out there and use a tollway, we pay twice as much in tolls because we don't have an IPASS.
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