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News Flash from 1917

At the end of my very long post on the history of the Rand-Cone House (aka Baldwin Hills Oil Field House), there was some question as to whether the shotgun blast that inflicted the fatal, "frightful wound" to the head of Charles Wellington Rand was an accident, as his family claimed, or a suicide.

If you want to look back at the story, it's here:

Well, as it turns out, it was suicide:

The Daily Gate City and Constitution Democrat (Keokuk, IA), November 5, 1917 @ Library of Congress --

Who were the bean fisheries of the other will(s)? Rand's ex-wife, Madeline? His older brother, Elbridge? His business partner, Ralph Chandler? Was the last will actually contested? I guess there's still a little more to this story to run down . . . .
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