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Originally Posted by no-la-usa
Can I ask you what your city is building for the poor. I mean sure they got hard hit here, but so did everyone else on the social hierarchy. Sometimes it sounds like all people are ever concerned with are the poor folks. Trust me everyone down here in New Orleans could use some help. Furthermore, New Orleans didn't invent poor folks. They are in every city in this country. What we need ot do is create enoguh economic oppurtunity here so that those that are poorer can move up the economic ladder. We dont need to build wholesale housing projects in a city already starved for revenue. ANyway enough of my ranting. There is another condo project proposed in the Warehouse District called Tracage. Here is the website:
Jesus, where the hell did all that come from? I just asked if there were any more affordable projects going on to go along with these multi-million dollar condos!
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