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The Wichita Aerospace Needle

I have proposed my idea to the city of Wichita. I call it The Wichita Aerospace Needle. If built it would be similar to The Seattle Space Needle but would be in the shape of a plane at the top instead of a spaceship. It would be 600 feet tall and would have an observation area at least 500 feet AGL and maybe a BBQ restaurant. Another thing thought of would be The Wichita Aerospace Monument and would be similar to The Washington Monument. It would be made out of concrete and have a concrete plane at the top of it. It too would be of similar height to The Wichita Aerospace Needle that I proposed. Tomorrow I am going to go before The Greater Wichita Partnership and see what they think. I have talked to many people in the Wichita area and they love my idea. Tell me what you think about it. I may have to start a go fund me page for $$$ to have it built. Also some of the city council I have talked with seem interested in my idea.
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