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I went to my favourite ramen place; Ippudo, yesterday for lunch. It's not unique to Shanghai (it's from Fukuoka), but it's easily the most delicious one that's near my apartment. You can find it in various cities across Asia. I guess there's one in NYC now. It was rated one of the top 50 restaurants in the city in 2013.

East Asia has a completely different mind set when it comes to eating at shopping malls. Whether it's Tokyo, Taipei, HK or Singapore, the mall hosts many of the city's best restaurants. Shanghai is no different.

I have to wait until around 1:30 before I go. It's impossible to get a seat otherwise.

ippudo 1 by matteroffact, on Flickr

Some fried dumplings to start. Honestly, they're nothing too special, but that's not why I'm here.

ippudo 3 by matteroffact, on Flickr

This is the reason for coming; Tonkatsu ramen. A very hearty pork broth, perfectly seasoned with melt-in-your-mouth strips of pork belly. I find myself eating here more and more as it gets colder out. It's a perfect fall/winter meal.

ippudo 2 by matteroffact, on Flickr

I'm pretty sure that broth can cure cancer.
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