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Arr right, well in that case its obviously newer rumours. It certainly needs a revamp. Has done for years now. I know its suppose to be quite a big mixed use scheme and the site is'nt overly big. Think a 300 bed hotel was also on the cards.

Doon street is'nt fantastic, totally agree, but its a nice simple, light tower which makes its height known with a little bit more feminism about it. Something I think Birmingham needs with the big butch boys such as V and BST.

On the e-mail address problem. This is the only one im able to use on this computer. Hotmail etc has been deleted from now on due to uncountable virus being recieved.

A £899 computer and its slowed hugely within the last month. I should really get someone to look at it.

Its actually nice to speak to someone again. It was a bit quiet over here as you could probably tell but a bit of a refreshing change.
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