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Originally Posted by Citrus-Fruit View Post
Its more difficult then I thought to stay away, there's so many things that you want to answer then realise you cant lol.
I've hardly posted at all in the last few weeks as I'm trying to get my average post count down to 2 per day. Don't ask me why, it's a bit of an obsession. But yer, on many occasions I've wanted to reply to certain posts like the one below, but have managed to resist...

Originally Posted by EDX View Post
Manchesters always been home to englands tallest building outside London, it is now, and always will be!
That stupid Manc had obviously forgot about Holloway Circus Tower.

Originally Posted by Citrus-Fruit View Post
You looking forward to the Cumberland house redevlopment?
Yer, we'll find out tomorrow won't we? I'm also excited about the 2 towers behind Auchinleck House as they should hopefully fill that little gap on the skyline between the Broad Street towers and the Fiveways towers.
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