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Are the flood gates opening now? Cambridge wants Flamborough now?

Flamborough should leave Hamilton join forces with Cambridge — that's what one Cambridge city councillor wants to see happen.

Nicholas Ermeta is a Cambridge councillor seeking re-election in Ward 8. He says he's "extending an open invitation" to Flamborough to join Cambridge.

In December, the Ontario Municipal Board decided to eliminate Ward 14 in Hamilton. The reconfiguration splits the former ward in two.

Ermetta revealed his plan one day after the mayor of Burlington suggested the province should make Waterdown part of his city rather than Hamilton.
Make Waterdown part of Burlington, mayor tells province
"Flamborough is going to lose their rural voice and they're going to be carved up and joined up with other urban wards," he said.

"I believe that Flamborough has much more in common with Cambridge culturally than it does the City of Hamilton, and I also believe the City of Cambridge could gain some things as well — that it could be a match made in heaven."
CBC Link

SCREW THIS!!! Whoever our next city council is better act fast and decisively to get ahead of all of this to prevent any parts of Hamilton from being taken away!

Again if anything Burlington should become a part of Hamilton if you really wanna open this can of worms! Be careful what you wish for! As for Cambridge they too are on the verge of losing their independence along with Waterloo and should just get absorbed into the city of Kitchener.
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