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Originally Posted by someone123 View Post
I probably should have worded it a bit differently. All I meant is that they have their rail system now including some underground stations. I have not been there in years and don't know how well it is managed.
When I moved to Ottawa from the Maritimes in 2013 using their BRT network was very eye-opening - They had dedicated, bus-only routes! They had actual stations! They ran at frequencies that were more frequent than 15 or 30 minutes!

But the longer you're there the more you realize the flaws. The bus-only routes were congested with buses backed up in traffic. The stations were too cold in the winter and provided no shade in the summer. The frequencies didn't matter if they were stuck in traffic and led to unreliable headways.

The O-Train is a vast improvement if it's operating as it should, and unfortunately for most of its existence it seems like it's been under some sort of repair or technical issues. It's a big step up over the BRT route but they really need to get their affairs in order because it has not been operating very well.
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