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Originally Posted by the urban politician View Post
Renovations and new construction going on in Bridgeport. The only reason I post this news is because of the developer (Zhou Group). We've seen plenty of news like this, and it continues to indicate that the major players these days in Bridgeport are Chinese. I wonder if it's only a matter of time before Bridgeport flips towards becoming a majority Chinese neighborhood

Zoning Approved For Mixed-Use Development At 3315-3319 S Morgan Street In Bridgeport
3315-3319 S Morgan Street via Google Maps
3315-3319 S Morgan Street via Google Maps
We actually had our wedding at the Zhou B Art Center last September. If you haven't been, go..its an awesome place for art.. These guys are way higher profile than people even realize. One of the prep rooms we were given for the event had pictures of them with like the former president of China, Obama, Bill Clinton, etc. These guys have hosted Obama Foundation and I believe the NBA during the all star break. They have a gallery in Beijing for awhile and they have actually gifted their own art to the UN and White House previously.

One thing I learned from doing our wedding with them is that they have a small little empire going there. They own the entire warehouse the art center is in and have actual companies renting out space lighting companies and what not. The first floor is entirely their work with a cafe but other floors are for other artists some of whom live there.

They also have a foundation on Morgan with a garden. It was actually the building with their first apartment in Chicago. Years later they purchased it and put their foundation there. This development in question is directly across the street from this. What i found out is they own MULTIPLE buildings in this area and are landlords too in Bridgeport. They even bought a ballroom a long time ago right here which i believe is where they actually live and their main studio is. That area is now majorly Chinese.

They definitely have capital and more than people realize to do projects. They are pretty prolific with their work since the 80s. I get the sense that people with deep pockets collect or commission work from them.
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