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those logos actually look pretty nicely done here.

i remember when travelors insurance put their umbrella logo on a building downtown facing uptown. the whole city wanted to murder them. it was lit up and you could see it from westchester. and the poor birds. they unlit it for awhile and finally took it down thankfully. ugh. so corporate logos on office buildings can not only be unattractive, they can be horribly annoying -- here is the wiki:

388 Greenwich Street
Umbrella icon
The building was well known by New York residents for its large 50 ft (15 m)-by-50 ft 4-story red neon umbrella mounted in May 1997 near the top of its north-facing side that some found emblematic and others distracting.Complementing this neon sign, an iconic, steel 16-foot (4.9 m), 5,300-pound (2,400 kg) red umbrella sculpture also stood outside 388 Greenwich St at street-level. Both have been removed from the building, the latter in the summer of 2007, as part of a deal between Citigroup and St. Paul Travelers Companies which acquired the logo.
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