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Interesting how, at first, they were so bent out of shape about the proposed height -- that is was way too tall and would loom over everything in the Strip. Even though it checks in under the allowed height requirements, and that there is really nothing to "loom over" since there are still mainly empty lots surrounding it.

Then it was, "out of character" with the Strip, not attempting to blend in with the existing architecture. Even though it's not surrounded by any of that existing architecture, and NONE of the new construction in the Strip blends in.

And now, its massing is just too obtrusive and it's not inviting enough. Even though it meets zoning requirements and offers more public space/amenities than is mandated.

The same three commission members have been poo poo-ing it in one way or another from the start. It's telling that the other members have largely stayed out of it.

And not one of these three "architecture critic" commission members is a practicing architect.

This situation with the Planning Commission completely reeks of academic, do-gooder BS.
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